Maximum flexibility with every call

Styria Marketing Services looks after the readers and subscribers of numerous Styria Media Group brands such as the "Kleine Zeitung" and "Die Presse". The customer service department receives complaints, orders and more.

Business Need

Styria wanted greater mobility in the service centre.
Bring call centre telephony up to state-of-the-art level and make it future-proof: these were the challenges for Styria Marketing Services. And a quick turnaround time for the system changeover.

Styria, NContactcenter telephone system, NFON, customer stories, Business need
Styria, NContactcenter,  telephone system, NFON, customer stories, Business Results

Business Results

Found: new software with many possibilities
The NFON Ncontactcenter has opened up a whole new world for Styria Marketing Services. Play back messages and activate them at the push of a button, view statistics regarding service levels and independently configure the system – these are among the greatest benefits for the user.

“Ncontactcenter has given us many more options – from IVR to statistics. And we can easily configure the features ourselves.”

Styria Marketing Services

Styria, contact center, telephone system, NFON, customer stories

To be able to react, to change, flexibility is vital – especially in a call centre

Styria Marketing Services found this flexibility in Ncontactcenter. NFON's integrated cloud-based solution is changing the world for the better – for businesses, employees and customers.

Ncontactcenter was very well received by the employees in a very short time. The simple operation and the clarity of the system ensured a smooth changeover. Telephone numbers can be called up directly from the integrated telephone book, and status displays provide information on the availability of colleagues. Thanks to fast and precise information, customers can be provided with clear statements – and this has a positive effect on customer satisfaction.

The scope of the required features and the attractive price/performance ratio were not the only reasons why NFON was awarded the contract to implement Ncontactcenter. "NFON was able to strengthen our trust during an on-site meeting. This gave us a good sense that NFON really understands our needs and requirements," says Robert Gspandl, Managing Director of Styria Marketing Services. This trust proved to be absolutely right, as Angelika Kuchling, head of the Graz office, confirms: "It was a great cooperation. The configuration phase went perfectly, the implementation was completed within a very short time." Ncontactcenter first went "on air" in Vienna, then one week later in Graz and Klagenfurt. And Kuchling sums up the most important point: "Everything worked perfectly from the very start."