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Noperatorpanel provides a professional voice reception panel. Employees can accept incoming calls, make calls out of the integrated softphone and forward certain calls to their intended recipients.

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Advanced call management helps you support your front desk operations. With Noperatorpanel receptionists, assistants and employees can accept calls from one specific or several lines, give information to the incoming caller, place calls, and hold or forward calls with or without answering them.

Discover the main benefits.

Noperatorpanel has an intuitive interface that helps your front desk easily manage internal and external calls for different departments, sites, teams and areas.

Handle calls

With incoming caller information calls can be placed on hold or transferred without being answered by the operator.

See when someone’s busy

With the help of ‘busy lamp field’ the call status of another telephone can be seen on your own telephone. Depending on the status, a call can be taken, picked up, or redirected by pressing the function key.

Consistent user experience

Noperatorpanel allows you to set up and handle calls directly from Outlook, making it easy to get in touch with your customers without having to search for their information.

Why you need it.

Support your support

Advanced call management helps you support your front desk operations, providing great service and reducing customer frustration.


For better communication

Noperatorpanel helps you optimise internal and external communications thanks to extensive PBX functionality. 


Reliable and budgetproof

Noperatorpanel provides powerful operator and management functions for handling calls. With simple pricing and frequent updates free of charge it always adapts to your needs.


Handling calls as easy as can be.

Handle calls professionally

Noperatorpanel offers comprehensive call management features and allows you to handle up to 20 parallel calls. Incoming calls can be forwarded to contacts via drag and drop.

Adapts to your preferences

Noperatorpanel is compatible with a variety of softwares and hardwares, like Sennheiser, Jabra and Plantronics. It also allows you to add contacts from Office365, Outlook or Google Contacts.

Quick contacts

Contact email-listed contacts directly by using built-in templates, email integration or pre-defined groups. This allows you to make quick calls, work efficiently and save time.

Customise your interface

Noperatorpanel gives you the opportunity to configure shortcuts to quickly access functions, such as accepting incoming calls. The software is available in German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Greek and Dutch.

Noperatorpanel calls screen | NFON
Noperatorpanel options screen | NFON
Noperatorpanel: Quick contacts screen| NFON
Noperatorpanel: Settings screen | NFON


“We save a lot of costs now that we have switched to NFON.”

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“The quality is very good and, most importantly, NFON offers a professional service.”


“I would recommend NFON without reservation – I just plug in a new device, and it works.”


“NFON ticked all the boxes... and I don’t have to spend any time and effort worrying about it – it just works!”

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“Taking advantage of NFON helps us present a modern and flexible image to our marketplace.”


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