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Small and medium enterprises might struggle to deliver better customer support while being restricted to limited resources for fully featured contact centres. Nmonitoring Queues is an efficient way to empower customer support teams. Agents can monitor and track their own activity including queues and key KPIs, receive supervisor instructions and log in work breaks in a clear, organised manner.

Discover the main benefits.

Nmonitoring Queues gives you in-depth insights into the performance of service teams and campaigns.

  • Directly bookable through Cloudya, with fully customisable wallboards and up to 180 built-in performance KPIs.
  • Quickly pinpoint issues, optimise team efficiency.
  • Deliver more value to customers.

Improve agent planning

Detect peak times, average call duration and more to enable efficient agent planning.

Fast and simple access

Book through Cloudya by selecting the agents you need and start using the solution right away.

Easily scalable

Pay-per-agent, adjust as needed on a monthly basis.

Why do you need Nmonitoring Queues?

Quality customer support

Service teams wanting to boost efficiency and deliver more value to customers

Campaign monitoring

Outbound calling teams wanting to monitor and tweak campaigns

Efficient agent shift planning

Teams wanting to detect peak and low times to plan shifts and ensure they are available to customers anytime

Nmonitoring Queues at a glance

Real-time monitoring

An overview of active calls, queues and outbound campaigns in real time in a simple, powerful web interface.

Comprehensive analysis

Detailed reports let you identify the root cause of performance issues so you can address them immediately.


Unlimited wallboards

Choose from 180 KPIs to monitor and create customised reporting structures using simple drag-and-drop tools.

Various data views

Nmonitoring Queues gives each type of user precisely the information they need.

Agent profile for self-monitoring and efficient call handling

Agents can easily manage their own queues and see calls and supervisor messages at a glance.

Real-time monitoring | NFON Nmonitoring Queues
Comprehensive analysis | NFON Nmonitoring Queues
Unlimited Wallboards | NFON Nmonitoring Queues
Various data views | NFON Nmonitoring Queues
Agent profile | NFON Nmonitoring Queues


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