Nhospitality is tailored to the needs of the hospitality industry. It allows you to efficiently manage and use resources by connecting teams across different locations. This helps reduce costs and improve internal communication as well as the guests' experience.

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Handling calls and future challenges.

More guests start and end their journey online. But for hotels it can be challenging to keep up with digitalisation due to high costs and the storage space that is required to support and run apps. Nhospitality offers a cost-efficient solution that helps hotels meet their customers' demands while being able to stay competitive.

Discover the main benefits.

Nhospitality has been designed to help hotels and business centres deliver outstanding guest experiences at all times. It also improves staff efficiency by keeping the communication between different branches flowing.

Interactive voice response

Use IVR to sound more courteous and professional when guests call. It can help improve your customer service without any human intervention being required. 

For your customers

Communicate with your customers via their preferred channel. In addition, call routing and forwarding ensure that the caller receives the appropriate service or information.

For your team

Nhospitality allows you to communicate within teams across different locations. This is especially helpful for hotel chains.

Why you need it.

Communication made easy

Nhospitality offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. With no need for additional hardware or software it also helps to reduce costs and operate better in times of uncertainties.

Make it personal

Nhospitality connects to your property management system (PMS) and lets you customise your telephone services. While advanced monitoring of call logs improves efficiency.


Adapting to your needs

Whatever device you use, the web interface gives you complete independence. Even when you are not on site.


Only the best for you and your guests.

Interactive voice response

Nhospitality offers guests basic features, like wake-up calls in eight languages, and tracking mini-bar consumption and laundry items, making their stay as pleasant as possible.

Upgrade your services

When fully featured, Nhospitality enables guests to have an optimised voicemail system including MWI (Messaging Waiting Indicator) and email notification.

Manage costs

Nhospitaliy allows receiving, calculating, transmitting and charging call data records to the guest bill within the Property Management Systems (PMS)

Easy mobile integration

Nhospitality allows you to manage mobile service processes, such as cleaning schedules, in your central communication system, with access from any device.


“Working with NFON has been very positive because, instead of overcomplicating things, they focus on simplicity.”

Vienna House - Austria

“The NFON telephone system runs seamlessly and is also very cost attractive.”


“Taking advantage of NFON helps us present a modern and flexible image to our marketplace.”


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