The invisible safety net for your business.

Neorecording is a voice recording and analytics solution for Cloudya. It protects businesses from liability risks, and penalties by supervisory authorities.

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Always on the safe side.

Whenever there are potential legal disputes with customers, or you want to maintain customer support quality assurance, it can be smart to use voice recording software. Neorecording helps your business to be compliant with EU legislation requirements (including MiFID II). All connections from a recording system to external applications are encrypted and can be stored. 

Discover the main benefits.

Neorecording is perfect for businesses that have to comply with European regulations that require the recording and storage of calls. Having proof enables them to defend themselves against liabilities and legal disputes.

Protect employees and customers

Capture mission-critical communication and threat calls, and protect your business against liability claims by providing evidence in legal disputes.

Raise productivity

By using a recording solution you can measure and maintain a high customer service quality and increase productivity.

Documentation & Analysis

Document business transactions and insights to recognise trends early. This way you can help to improve staff training and promote best practices.

Why you need it.

Regulation and future-proofing

Neorecording is compliant with GDPR to MiFID II by recording calls in an audit-proof and encrypted way. It protects you from liability risks, while providing the highest security standards.

Enhanced customer care

With call recordings used for staff training purposes, companies can improve the quality of service. Your staff can answer more calls in less time and handle customer enquiries more effectively.

Benefit from data driven decisions

With customisable logs, stats and agent reports, you have all the data you need to get on with business. By using recording analytics employees can improve internal processes.

Enjoy high security for your business.

Comprehensive reporting

Neorecording offers customisable logs, statistics and agent reports, pre-loaded with 20 standard reports.

Individual recording rules

The rules embedded in the recording planner allow you to decide which conversations should be recorded.

POWERplay Web

The browser-based software was made for searching and playing back conversations. The portal and pro version allow you to listen live and export multiple recordings at once.

Data security and encryption

Prior to being stored, all data is automatically encrypted with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which guarantees a high degree of data security and protects from unauthorised access.

Neorecording: Reporting dashboard | NFON
Neorecording: Reporting dashboard | NFON


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