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NCTI is CTI by NFON. It complements the functionality of Cloudya with deeper business process integration, giving you maximum freedom in choosing your preferred communication devices and environments.

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Nearly every company now operates with multiple, isolated communications and IT systems. This results in an overly complex environment. NCTI is the easy way to bring all systems together. It complements the functionality of Cloudya, giving you maximum freedom in choosing your preferred communication devices and environments. 

Discover the main benefits.

NCTI enables telephony within other software with full flexibility, with proven reliability made in Europe. NFON offers three versions of NCTI. This way you can always find the right solution for your needs.

NCTI Standard

NCTI Standard helps you simplify management of customer communications while improving agent efficiency and the accuracy of customer data.

  • Use your PC as a remote control for your phone
  • Enjoy easier data management and GDPR compliant business
  • Resolve queries more quickly, and ensure more orders are placed and revenues increased
  • Improve dialogue and rapport, and engage customers by personalisation

NCTI Premium

NCTI Premium helps you build an even deeper customer relationship by interacting on their terms.

  • Easy integration with a range of CRM and ERP systems
  • Achieve a quicker resolution of customer issues by having data easily at hand
  • Benefit from presence management and chat options
  • With everything managed through desktop, agents can respond more easily – regardless of channel


NCTI Pro boosts communication between dispersed teams by having one single interface for all business communications. Combine all communication channels in a single application accessible from any device, including UC features such as video, chat and screen sharing.

  • Full integration with applications, including CRM and ERP
  • Ensures that customer information is always on hand and up to date
  • Only pay for the users who need the integration

Why you need it.

Single communication interface

NCTI simplifies your business with one communication interface and one centralised view of the customer.

Integrated customer experience

NCTI helps you to enrich customer communication through personalised and insightful interactions.

Seamless collaboration

NCTI drives business performance by making flexible interactions an integral part of your business DNA.

Discover NCTI Standard

Control for everyone

Control your desk phone from your workstation computer. Simplify your business with one communications interface and one centralised view of the customer.

Make it individual

NCTI Standard has a Windows CRM option that integrates with a large number of CRM tools (including Outlook, Lotus Notes and Salesforce) and ERP systems. There is no need for server infrastructure when you run it from your computer.

More than calls

Initiate calls simply from your computer and use telephony features within Outlook. Additionally, screen pop-ups provide caller credentials such as name and company.

Discover NCTI Premium

Integrate Outlook

Initiate calls from your computer and use telephony features within Outlook.

Extended features

Get chat feature, common address book of all CTI users, presence management and call history.


Benefit from extended functionalities, such as automatic and manual call activity logging,  screen pop-ups and TAPI functionalities.

Easy control

Easily control your desk phone from your workstation computer.

Discover NCTI Pro

Made for everyone

Whether you work from a Windows workstation, a Mac workstation or mobile, NCTI Pro lets you integrate with softphones, business processes and any cloud-based database.

Know your customer

NCTI allows you to link customer dialogue with your business processes. This ensures that customer information is always on hand and up to date.

Get full UC functionality

NCTI Pro offers every feature you might need for daily tasks – chat, screen share and video. WebRTC enables you to expand your traditional communication channels so that employees can offer their customers service in real time


“The advantage of NFON is that I have time to spare, since I've been working with NFON, I've enjoyed it.”

Make-A-Wish Foundation

“Working with NFON has been very positive because, instead of overcomplicating things, they focus on simplicity.”

Vienna House - Austria

“NFON ticked all the boxes... and I don’t have to spend any time and effort worrying about it – it just works!”

Analysys Mason

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