See how Cloudya makes communication easy!

Cloudya How To: Conferences

Learn how easy it is to use Cloudya for conferences:

  • Manage and subscribe to conferences
  • Use authentication for host + attendees
  • Invite, mute, and remove participants

Cloudya How To: Incoming Calls

View how to manage incoming calls, on any device:

  • Answer and decline calls
  • Deflect calls to voicemail
  • Forward calls using drag & drop


Cloudya How To: Outgoing Calls

Watch how to manage outgoing calls, using drag & drop to:

  • Make calls
  • Transfer calls
  • Initiate three-way conferences


Cloudya How To: Call History

Watch how Cloudya itemises info about calls to let you:

  • Add numbers to phone book
  • Add numbers to function keys
  • See received, missed, incoming, outgoing


Cloudya How To: Voicemail

Check out how easy it is to use voicemail with Cloudya:

  • Listen to voicemails directly in app
  • Forward voicemails to your email
  • Store up to 100 voicemails per extension

Want to know more? Find here Cloudya manuals and  leaflets!