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Cloud technology enables finance and insurance businesses to achieve top-level results while keeping the costs low and keeping up with ongoing regulatory changes.

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381 billion dollars

The core challenges for finance and insurance companies

$381 billion worth of cumulative financial penalties were imposed on European and North American banks globally, from the financial crisis until the end of 2019.

  • Data protection becomes more important and causes ever-changing regulations and security standards.
  • Consumers expect improved digital experiences and meaningful customer service interactions.
  • Technological challenges call for a shift from on-premise models to flexible cloud solutions to maintain a fast, secure, and scalable application infrastructure.

Safe and reliable communication.

Ever-changing regulations and security standards can be difficult to handle for any business. And, on top of that, companies need to shift from on-premise models to a more flexible cloud solution. NFON makes sure your company is always on the safe side.

Stay on top of the game.

Meet consumer needs

Contact Center Hub allows the monitoring and management of customer support through multiple channels, agents, and locations. So incoming calls are handled efficiently, and your customers‘ experience becomes more meaningful.

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Manage your customer relationship

NFON‘s Cloudya Desktop App allows you to integrate over 60 CRM systems at the touch of a button. With no need for telephone hardware you can easily adapt the range of functions to your individual needs.

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Increase employee productivity

Nmonitoring Queues offers an efficient way to empower customer service teams. It allows monitoring and managing an increased capacity of both inbound and outbound calls and, therefore, helps to deliver a higher quality customer experience.

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The safe way to boost productivity and lower costs.

Scale and reduce costs

Cloud telephony gives you the opportunity to adjust your system every month. Meaning you only pay for the extensions you need. This can save up to 50% of costs compared with traditional PBX systems. And since there is no need for hardware it also eliminates the need for large office spaces.

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High security standard

All NFON products ensure data protection as stipulated by GDPR. Products like Neorecording and ASC Recording Insights for Microsoft Teams make sure businesses are more protected in legal disputes while complying with strict European regulations.

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Always on

Innovative cloud telephony can reduce downtime, with a guaranteed 99.9% platform availability. Making sure your business can be as productive as possible and also reduce customer frustration.

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