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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Cloudya?

    Cloudya is NFON's smart business communication platform that helps make your workflow smart. It has several functions, including cloud telephony.

  • What are the advantages of a cloud telephone system?

    Cloudya, our smart communication platform, uses the Internet to make and receive calls. With NFON you eliminate the telephone system hardware, the telephone connection and the maintainer. The system is flexible, scalable and simple to administer.

  • What technology does the cloud telephone system use?

    The base technology is called hosted PBX, often called IP Centrex. Both refer to the same concept: the telephone system is not installed at the company site but at an external data center, and can be accessed anywhere using the Internet.

  • How secure is Cloudya?

    The telephone system is operated over the Internet. The system itself is located at the NFON data center – it has a resilient set up failover at geographically separated servers. All services are guaranteed.

  • How much is Cloudya our cloud telephone system?

    With Cloudya you eliminate expensive telephone system hardware: your telecommunication system comes right from the internet. All the features and functions you need are subscription based and accessed over the Internet.

  • Can I integrate my PC with Cloudya?

    With Computer Telephony Integration, or CTI, you can make or receive calls using your PC. Advantages of this allow you to also see all the information from the customer database on your screen. Whether you’re at the office or at the home office using your laptop.

  • Can I use my smartphone as an extension?

    With our app, you link your mobile to the Cloudya and your mobile becomes a full-fledged extension. You lose no functionality of your profile when using the app. And you can easily phone on the road using your office number – throughout your country.

  • Can analogue devices be connected to Cloudya?

    Analogue devices can easily be connected to Cloudya using an analogue telephone adapter (ATA). Whether IP phone, mobile, softphone, DECT phone or conference phones – NFON is compatible with numerous devices.

  • Do I need a SDSL connection for Cloudya?

    Symmetric DSL, unlike ADSL, uses the same speed in both directions. So it’s perfect to send large data packets to the net or make many calls at once. Cloudya is best used with SDSL, but ADSL is also an option.

  • Can I customize the email template for the voicemail notification?

    This is not possible. Is there a way to disable the voicemail access from a phone? Unfortunately this is not possible. The button remains active even if voicemail is turned off.

  • How long are the voicemails stored on the server?

    The voicemails would remain until limit has been used up (100 VM limit), once they reach the limit, the oldest one will be removed and the newest one will be entered.

  • Can an extension have call waiting activated to know a caller is ringing in?

    Queues and Groups do not allow call waiting feature to be active. Call waiting will only work when you receive a call direct on your DDI or extension number.

  • What happens to the call, when all phones are busy in a queue?

    Depending on the configuration, the call can be held in a queue (set with appropriate MOH and recordings) or you can set the call to go to different destination after a time out delay.

  • Why does call waiting not work when an extension is in a queue or a group?

    The Group and Queue configuration takes precedence over any extension members’ configuration.

Frequently asked questions: ASC Recording

  • What is ASC Recording Insights for Microsoft Teams?

    ASC Recording Insights for Microsoft Teams is a bolt-on call recording application that supplements the NFON cloud telephone system, Cloudya, and Nvoice for Microsoft Teams. It delivers a comprehensive recording and analytics solution for the entire communication within Microsoft Teams and Cloudya.

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  • What hardware is required to set up the ASC Recording Insights App?

    No hardware is required to get the app up and running. All you need is Cloudya, Nvoice for Microsoft Teams and a Recording Insights App licence of your choice.

  • How easy is it to use the app?

    ASC Recording Insights for Microsoft Teams is an intuitive, easy-to-use native app for Microsoft Teams. Because it is seamlessly embedded into the familiar Teams environment, the user does not need to manage two different applications for telephony and call recording – everything can be done from the same Teams interface.

  • Can I use the app if my company has to follow MiFID II guidelines?

    ASC Recording Insights ensures MiFID II compliance by allowing you to capture all forms of communication including audio, video and chat. The recordings are stored securely in NFON’s geo-redundant data centre that is closest to your location.

  • Does ASC Recording Insights provide support for PCI DSS compliance, e.g. when taking payment details?

    This is supported via the manual Start/Stop Recording function. When stopping recording all communication channels are blacked out/muted; ‘Start’ restarts the recording.

  • Does the app help with fraud detection?

    With a Compliance Recording & Analytics subscription as part of your licence, you can protect your busines and employees from fraud and liabilities by using the app’s fraud detection features such as transcription, keyword spotting and sentiment analysis.

  • Is storage included in the subscription?

    Yes, 5GB of storage per user is included with each recording licence. Additional storage can be purchased per tenant.

  • Can the included storage of 5GB per user be shared within the organisation/ tenant?

    Yes. The storage is licensed per user, but can be cumulated across the entire organisation. 

  • Are there only named-user licences in ASC Recording?

  • Can I choose between bulk recording and on-demand recording?

    With ASC Recording Insights, both is possible. You can choose how you want to record your conversations in the app settings.

  • What type of MS Teams communication can be recorded?

    With ASC Recording Insights, you can capture audio, video/screen recordings or chat conversations. What is recorded depends on the rules you have set. You can choose to record only one type of communication or all three of them; however, chats are only recorded during active calls.

  • Which operating systems is the app compatible with?

    The application is basically platform independent if the Teams App or Teams Browser App are available (incl. third party app support, Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS X, iOS, Android)

  • Can you attach individual recordings to a specific customer in a CRM system?

    All Teams sessions/calls that have been recorded by ASC Recording Insights can be exported (in .wav format) to a CRM system.

  • Is it possible to disable internal recording?

    Yes, it is possible to disable recording for internal communication. Different types of sessions/calls (i.e. inbound/outbound, internal/external/meetings) can be defined and configured accordingly.

  • Is it possible to export conversations made in MS Teams and import them into Neorecording in my company environment?

    Yes, it is possible to export (.wav) recordings and analytics generated with the ASC Recording Insights app and to import them to Neorecording.