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Service Description NFON Cloud Telephone System

NFON Portugal

* The tariff Business allows three devices to be registered and used with one voice extension. A device is defined as a NFON certified hardware device ((e.g. system phone), FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence), Nsoftphone standart / premium or iSofphone). In this case, the different devices can be arbitrarily combined at the extension. Each voice extension of a telephone system includes two usage rights of the following software options:

  • Nvoice Mobile device (FMC)
  • Nsoftphone standard

To clarify: the software options included can be freely selected, combined and assigned to extensions within the telephone system, but not transferred to other customers' telephone systems. Nsoftphone premium is available in all rates and is subject to charges. A downgrade within the NFON Business tariff from Nsoftphone premium to Nsoftphone standard is possible at any time, as well as an upgrade from Nsoftphone standard to Nsoftphone premium.

** The 32- and 64-bit compatibility is regarding your Microsoft Office application only as exemplary described in the following:

NCTI standard / CRM 32bit: Typically your client is compatible with a 32-bit Office package and a 32-bit operating system. To install your client on a 64-bit operating system and a 32-bit Office package, you need a 32-bit installer.

NCTI standard / CRM 64bit: Typically your client is compatible with a 64-bit Office package and a 64-bit operating system. Your client is not compatible with a 32-bit operating system and 64-bit Office Package. The 64-bit installer does not work for a 32-bit operating system.

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