Supercharge your customer experience.

Contact Center Hub provides an extensive and easy to use service. It interconnects all customer communication channels. Helping agents to know all the important info about the caller and improve the overall customer experience.

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Simplify your communication.

Customers today use a variety of communication channels. The goal is to integrate all of them into one tool that allows you to manage and organize all requests efficiently and with ease. That is what Contact Center Hub does for you. Oh, and by the way it also provides CRM and ticketing information on each customer for you.

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Discover the main benefits.

Flexible and scalable: Contact Center Hub is a true omnichannel solution for your business that is easy to use and both automated and innovative.

Customer history at one glance

It’s all in one place and it’s all complete: the full customer history. This enables you to provide a state-of-the-art service and no calls, messages and information get lost.

Integrate all channels

Good service ensures that your customers can contact you with their preferred tools of communication. Perfectly managed service is based on integrating them all into one solution.

It’s just one application

Mobile users or back office users – this difference doesn’t matter any longer. All Contact Center Hub users are combined in one application only.

Intuitive interface

We get it: nobody wants to struggle with bugs or poorly developed management systems. So we simply set up a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Enhance customer experience

What is one of the main sources of dissatisfaction during customer service management? Slow responses. Contact Center Hub features automation and advanced innovations that speed up response time and thus enhance customer experience.

Scalable Tarif

Contact Center Hub helps you save costs. With flexible tariffs that are scalable on a monthly basis. Making it easy to adjust to your needs and company's growth. Choose from bundles or make up your own combination.

Make your contact center truly omnichannel.

Business communication

Collaborate with Microsoft Teams and handle multiple SMS chats at the same time.


Handle inbound and outbound calls. Including call recording, IVRs and missed call management.


Monitor performance with a wide range of reporting and a full-featured helpdesk.


Help and track visitors with web chatting. You can use a predefined or own template.

Facebook Messenger

Process multiple requests at the same time with attachment and picture supported chat.

WhatsApp Business

Communicate in real time with coworkers and customers directly from your smartphone.

We take on your challenges.

Customers expect businesses to provide quick and seamless services and solutions. Contact Center Hub will make it easy for you to exceed this demand.​​​​​


of companies perceive customer experience to be a driving factor in customer retention.


of people who were surveyed stated to have quit doing business because of poor customer service.


of surveyed customers have switched to another company because they did not feel appreciated.

24 hours

is the time you have to handle a customer’s issue to keep them satisfied.

Give your service features a boost.

Customer contact

Deliver top notch customer contact with inbound intelligent voice and outbound-dial campaigns. Additionally Contact Center Hub gives you the complete communication history with a customer, so you are always prepared for any problems your caller might have.

Safe data centers

Customers have high concerns regarding the safety of their data. With Contact Center Hub, there is no need to worry, since it is using data centers that are safe, reliable and GDPR compliant.

Truly omnichannel

Contact Center Hub was designed to integrate features managing CRM, Workforce Optimization, PCI-DSS payment software, quality management and e-commerce into one solution. While being omnichannel, including email and web chat capability.

CRM and ticketing

Contact Center Hub offers the integration of CRM and ticketing systems in one place. This puts an end to inefficiencies and inaccuracies that might occur, when a diversified and high volume of requests has to be handled. Now, customer data can be displayed and edited in the Hub.

Say Hi to AI*

AI does the repetitive jobs so your team can focus on the good stuff like improving customer experiences. Contact Center Hub has implemented the latest wave of time-saving Generative AI (Gen AI) features form Daktela that support your team with everything from prioritizing their inbox to helping write their emails.

Customer contact, Contact Center Hub | NFON, UC
Safe data centers, Contact Center Hub | NFON, UC
Truly omnichannel, Contact Center Hub | NFON, UC
CRM and ticketing, Contact Center Hub | NFON, UC
NFON Contact Center Hub Dashboard

Make it yours and improve your service.

Self-customizing reporting

Contact Center Hub allows supervisors and agents to see live tracking of their activity through LCD wallboards. This way they can plan and monitor if they fulfill KPIs. To make it even more individual the wallboards can be configured and customized very easily.

User tracing

User tracing gives you the opportunity to track agent activity very accurately in the system. This can be used for instance for training purposes to improve your customer service.

Live-tracking features

Contact Center Hub gives you more detailed reports on activity. These reports can be automatically sent to supervisors or other managers in order to improve planning e.g. how many agents you need at a certain time.



The future of business: AI as a competitive advantage?

The recent hype around the new wave of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities has been hard to ignore. Despite the uproar over the past few months, AI has been around since the 1950’s when Alan Turing, helped develop a test for machine intelligence.

Here at NFON, we agree that AI holds the potential to deeply impact the way we work. That’s why we’ve been happy to implement the latest wave of Generative AI technologies from Daktela to great effect in our own contact center product, and are excited to see where this journey will take us.

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