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Cloudya is a cloud telephone system that helps make your workflow smart. Combining cloud PBX functionalities and all the UC functionalities you might need – like voicemail, call queues, screen sharing or CRM Connect. With just one number and inbox, employees can stay in contact wherever they are and across all devices.


Cloudya is easy to set up, fast to configure, and smooth to integrate into an existing communication infrastructure. With only one number and inbox across any device your staff won’t miss any important calls and messages.


Cloudya allows you to work wherever you want. Whenever you want. And from any device. It enables communication and collaboration between internal teams, customers and external suppliers.


NFON offers a fully redundant architecture, end-to-end data security, and voice services. All designed and managed in house. This way we can maximise uptime to a guaranteed 99.9% platform availability and help you to always be available for your customers.

Features: Set your business up for success.

With cloud phone systems there is no need for conventional telephony hardware anymore. It can be implemented and maintained more easily and at lower cost. At the same time it gives you the flexibility to scale the number of users up and down according to your business’ needs.

Cloudya Meet & Share | NFON

Meet & Share

As virtual workspaces are becoming vital to your success, video calls are gaining more importance. With Cloudya Meet & Share you can effortlessly schedule video conferences for improved internal and external collaboration.

  • Enjoy collaboration
    Share your screen and collaborate live with other video conference participants. This way you can make remote participants feel more included in your meetings.
  • Increase productivity
    Interactive video conferences simplify communication and boost productivity from anywhere and anytime. 
  • Keep your budget
    By using the video conferences there is no need to travel anymore. Good for the environment and your budget.

CRM Connect

Cloudya CRM Connect is perfect for businesses that are looking to simplify data management and achieve seamless collaboration. It allows you to integrate the Cloudya Desktop App with more than 300 CRM platforms. Furthermore, it can be integrated with Outlook and Apple Address Book.

  • Simplified data management

    Work effectively by having clients‘ information and CRM contacts at your fingertips.

  • For your customers

    Integrated customer experience allows faster resolution of queries and, therefore, increases customer satisfaction.

Cloudya CRM Connect | NFON
Smart call routing

NFON Routing

Implement call routing strategies that meet your individual business requirements. The NFON Routing extends the call control functionality of your Cloudya telephone system and boosts the efficiency of your communication processes. 

  • Better meet customers’ needs
    Be available for your customers at all times and reduce wait times to service your customers more efficiently.
  • Guide callers based on preset rules
    Connect callers with the right person, without transferring calls multiple times.
  • Efficient Set-Up
    Simple and fast set-up in less than five hours. Start using the Routing straight away.

Benefits of cloud telephony

Versatile web interface

The days of being glued to a desk phone are over. With Cloudya you can make calls directly from your pc or laptop. From your office or on the go.

Your mobile office

Become geographically independent by upgrading to a VoIP telephone system. You can use your office number from anywhere – even on your smartphone.

Flexible call options

You decide which calls to answer or divert to voicemail. And you can hand over a current call to your mobile.

Cloudya web interface | NFON
Cloudya Mobile | NFON
Cloudya Mobile Options | NFON

All functionalities

Pricing and tariff

“Instead of having different PBX systems for each location, we can now use one single, easily scalable communication solution. The integration of Cloudya has given our teams a lot more flexibility.”

Tobias Armleder, IT Lead, Demeter

“Since we switched to NFON, we can finally take calls wherever we are and from any device. The integrations with Microsoft Teams have made things a lot easier, and we can use the whole Microsoft Teams suite, with any client or partner - just being a click away at all times.”

Jeanne Beck, Marketing Manager, Wefapress

“Working with NFON has been very positive because, instead of overcomplicating things, they focus on simplicity.”

Vienna House - Austria

“I would recommend NFON without reservation – I just plug in a new device, and it works.”


“NFON ticked all the boxes... and I don’t have to spend any time and effort worrying about it – it just works!”

Analysys Mason

Quick and easy setup.

Did we catch your attention? Well, now you’re just three simple steps away from upgrading your communication system.

1. Let’s get connected.

We will reach out for the info we need to develop your customised solution.

2. Relax, while we do the magic.

We take care of all the technical details – no need to worry about number porting or preparing hardware.

3. Configure your system.

Say goodbye to the hassle of setting up a new employee's workspace and start the easy setup with Cloudya.

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Cloudya Mobile

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What technology does Cloudya use?

    The base technology is called hosted PBX, often called IP Centrex. Both refer to the same concept: the telephone system is not installed at the company site but at an external data center, and can be accessed anywhere using the Internet.

  • What are the advantages of a cloud telephone system?

    Cloudya, our smart communication platform, uses the Internet to make and receive calls. With NFON you eliminate the telephone system hardware, the telephone connection and the maintainer. The system is flexible, scalable and simple to administer.

  • How secure is Cloudya?

    The telephone system is operated over the Internet. The system itself is located at the NFON data center – it has a resilient set up failover at geographically separated servers. All services are guaranteed. Read more here.

  • How can I install Cloudya?

    You can download Cloudya using the following links:

    Desktop: Windows  |  MAC

    Mobile: Android (Google Play Store)  |  iOS (App Store)

    The steps for installation and configuration are listed in our manuals.

    It is also possible to use Cloudya on a web browser.

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