Cloud Telephony

What is Cloud Telephony?

Cloud telephony means Internet-based voice communication (VoIP) services where the telephony application is hosted by a third-party provider. Customers access it over the Internet.

What are the advantages of Cloud telephony?

Cloud telephony systems replace the need for conventional enterprise telephony hardware, such as private branch exchanges (PBX). They can be implemented and maintained more easily and at lower cost. They also offer the flexibility to scale the number of users up and down according to business needs, and to introduce new features.


Easy to use

The cloud solution is accessed via a web or application based portal that sits on top of an organisation’s existing IT infrastructure.

Continuous innovation

Cloud telephony features go above and beyond traditional PBX telephony – including video call functionality, screen sharing and more.

Access from anywhere

Users can access the services from virtually anywhere using a smartphone or laptop: whether they in the office, at home or on the move.

How secure is the cloud?

Well-established best practices

Best-in-class cloud infrastructure providers keep their customers’ data secure and ensure uninterrupted service availability. This includes storing data in highly secure, geo-redundant data centres.

High availability at all times

Mission-critical data is replicated and stored in a different physical location. If the primary servers experience downtime, the service can seamlessly fall back onto the backup data copies.

Advanced security measures

Reliable cloud providers protect both their data centres and their customers’ data – from robust access control to intrusion detection, from data encryption to firewalls to physical security solutions.

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How secure is NFON?

The short answer is, very.

Data protection | NFON

Committed to the most stringent data protection standards

We know our customers trust us with their data and rely on us to provide a failsafe business telephony platform, which is why we take security seriously. Our commitment to the most stringent data protection standards helps you be compliant too, whether you need to meet GDPR, MiFID II or PCI DSS requirements. Our solutions are delivered in an environment with the highest security standards, with guaranteed availability and uptime.

For full confidence and peace of mind

All customer data is encrypted. The NFON system itself is located at our own ISO-certified data centre, which has a resilient failover configuration with geographically separated servers. With the measures we take, we give our customers full peace of mind that their data is kept secure. If you’re a small to medium-sized business, can you always be confident in the highest availability and security of your data processing centres, including remote and mobile access? With NFON, you can.

Data protection | NFON

With NFON, you can future proof your business and revolutionise the way you communicate.


The only pan-European cloud PBX provider

With NFON, you can future proof your business and revolutionise the way you communicate.

NFON is the only pan-European cloud PBX provider – counting more than 40,000 companies across 15 European countries as customers and more than 2,700 partners across Europe.

Advanced telephony features and enhancements

We offer a vast range of advanced telephony features and sophisticated add-ons. Our powerful application suite has all the virtual tools you need for flexible and mobile working. What's more, we offer sophisticated add-on solutions for diverse use cases, from contact centres and compliant call recording to tailored solutions for the hospitality sector.

Scalability and flexibility with flexible pricing

Cloudya, the cloud telephony system from NFON, gives you the flexibility to scale up and down according to your business requirements. Our flexible pricing models let you control your costs with predictable monthly charges. No hidden charges, no long-term contracts, you simply pay as you use. You can be up and running in less than 48 hours. And with the highest security standards.

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